samedi 15 septembre 2012

This week into my World... 1

This week, I tested the cleaning of owl pellets. Thanks to Stefan for those pellets that come from his barn.

My target was to keep the little bones for my furtur bases.

I was convinced to have read a tutorial about it but I never succed to re-find it. For me, I had to put the pellets into a hot water to soften them, seperate the bones and the fur, and clean the bones with different baths of bleach.

So, I did it.

Finally, I have 4 recommendations.

1. Please, take a minute for those small animals died.
2. Do that into a ventilated place
3. Use some gloves.
4. Do not put all the pellets into the hot water. Otherwise like me, you will have a lot of fur, and many difficulties to take the bones.

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